Top 5 Must Have Tools When Towing ANYTHING

the simple act that lets any capable vehicle pull all types of trailers, boats, RVs and about a dozen other carriages behind them. Thanks to modern towing equipment and a bunch of handy accessories, towing a load behind vehicles has never been easier.
But to get your tow right, you need to have all the necessary tools of the trade. Getting just a single component wrong or not having the necessary tools could mean the end of your journey before it even begins. Or worse, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a massive trailer that simply won’t come off. If you’re going to insist on being your own hired professional, then have a look at the 5 must have tools when towing anything.

#5: Towing ToolBox

Where the heck did I put that wrench? To avoid getting questions like this in the middle of the segment, it’s important to start with the proverbial horse before the cart. See, it would be highly irresponsible of anyone to Image result for towing toolboxgo around buying up a heap of towing tools and accessories without having somewhere to store and lock away some of them. As such, you might want to invest in a toolbox where you can stash your items safely and conveniently. Most standard towing toolboxes fit in the average tow truck and can be bolted down to stop the box from sliding and flying all over the place while driving.

#4: Cargo Tie-Downs
Image result for Cargo Tie-Downs
Ask any lifelong tow-pro and they’ll tell it to you straight; you probably won’t be getting very far without cargo tie-downs. Unless you are just towing some beach balls and not fragile items, you might want to tie down those couches and your grandma’s china. Cargo tie-downs ensure that your load does not shift about and get damaged in transit. Another danger of not tying your cargo down is that the shifting could cause a swaying in the trailer – enormous driving hazard. Alternatively, you could try mastering the art of tight packing to overcome the risks of loose cargo.

#3: Supplementary Brakes

Supplementary brakes on a towing vehicle are not only a must-have tool, but also an essential accessory that you should never compromise on. Lugging a heavy trailer behind you will obviously add to the weight of the tow vehicle. Image result for Supplementary BrakesAs a result, you’ll experience far less responsive acceleration and deceleration. Due to this additional force, your car’s brake pads wear out twice as fast. Equipping supplementary brakes and an independent electronic braking system solves this problem safely, quickly and conveniently.
#2: Backup Camera, Alarm, and Anti-theft Accessories

Towing is hard, especially since you can’t really see all the way to the back of your vehicle. As a result, it’s very difficult to see and be seen, Image result for towing back up cameraparticularly when you’re backing out of the parking onto a road. That’s why you can’t afford to go out without tools and accessories to help you out.
One of these tools comes in the form of a backup alarm system that warns nearby people of your intentions to reverse. Similarly, installing towing cameras will make it much easier to align the hitch and tongue and back up accurately while avoiding potential obstacles. Other must-have security tools include the anti-theft boot locker that locks one tire and prevents it from moving. This will play a significant role towards protecting your trailer or cargo from theft.

#1: Ramps and Load Minimizing Liftgates

There are by far the most important tools of the trade that you can’t afford to misplace no matter what you are towing. Think about it: how do you get the load off your trailer when you want to? Well, you could go the World’s Strongest Man way and simply lift it off with your hulkish muscles. But in addition to being extremely Image result for Ramps and Load Minimizing Liftgates strenuous, you could land your back in severe pain or injuries. Having tools like ramps helps you ease the load off in by using more brain than brawn. Similarly, you could outfit a mechanical liftgate to load and offload heavy cargo and save even more elbow grease.

If you thought that these are all the tools you need while towing, then you’re obviously new to the game. Towing is a very complicated process that requires as many tools and accessories as you can get your hands on. While the tools named above are indeed crucial, you can’t afford to overlook a single accessory. Other tools that you will definitely need in your towing journey include a Tow Dolly, Tow Bar, Hitch, Tow Ball, Mount, Tow Pin and Clip, a Coupler and not to forget, some safety chains.